How It Works
1 You create a Prospectus for your contest and submit it for approval. We will review the Prospectus to ensure that enough information is provided about the contest. You can enter information in the following categories: Basics, Short Description, Categories, Fees & Deadlines, Jurors, Comments or Instructions, Juror Information, Eligibility Information, Awards Information, Accepted Works Information, Miscellaneous.
2 If your Prospectus is approved we list your contest on our site so that artists can submit to your contest online. We also provide you with a URL that you can post on your website so that artists can seamlessly enter the contest online through
3 We collect payment from the artists (at the price specified by you in the Prospectus) and we remit to you 85% of what we collect on a monthly basis.
4 You are notified by email every time an artist submits an entry to your contest.
5 You can log in and view all of the online entries to your contest. You can also rate each entry on a scale from 1 to 10. If you have multiple jurors you can create additional usernames and passwords for them so that they can log in and judge the entries for themselves. If you have multiple jurors you can see a report of the average rating for each entry.

There is no additional cost to you.

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